Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world to Follow in 2022 September

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The Top 5 Female Leaders in the World
Image Source: Unsplash Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world

Today, we live in a world where women are taking on more leadership roles than ever before. More and more women are seeing opportunities for leadership as places of responsibility and action as opposed to something that takes you away from your work. This is why today’s global landscape is seeing an increase in female leaders.

Many women have come to realize that their skills, strengths, and passions can be used as tools for success in the business world just as easily as they can be used to lead a non-profit organization or other community group. Additionally, these women recognize the need for diversity in all types of workplace environments and are making strides to become those leaders. With this being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 female leaders in the world today. Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world

Angela MerkelChancellor of Germany (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

First on our list is Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. Merkel first rose to power in 2005, taking over as the head of the Christian Democratic Party in Germany.

In the following year, Merkel was elected as the first female Chancellor of Germany and has remained in the position ever since. Merkel has been praised for her leadership of the struggling European Union as well as for her calm and steady approach to the Brexit and Russian aggression crises. While Merkel isn’t the most flashy leader, she has proven to be effective, making her a top choice for inclusion on this list.

Angela Merkel (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)
Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the worldngela Merkel


What is Angela Merkel famous for?

Merkel was the first female chancellor of Germany. During her tenure as Chancellor, Merkel was frequently referred to as the de facto leader of the European Union (EU), the most powerful woman in the world and since 2016 as the leader of the free world.

What is the age of Angela Merkel?

68 Years

What is the education details of Angela Merkel?

Master of Science, Leipzig University

Marissa Mayer – Former CEO of Yahoo Inc (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

Next up on our list is Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo and current executive chairman of the organization’s board of directors. Mayer first rose to prominence when she was named one of the “Most Influential Women In Technology” in 2012. In 2013, Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo, a position she kept until she resigned in 2016.

Mayer has been praised for her ability to turn around the struggling Yahoo brand, as well as for her comprehensive approach to business. In her time as CEO, Mayer oversaw the company’s purchase of Tumblr, as well as their expansion into original content creation. Mayer has also been praised for her promotion of women in the workplace, as well as for her generous approach to maternity leave.

Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world
Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world


Exists Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s current CEO?

Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo, on Wednesday announced the opening of Sunshine, a startup developing consumer apps. Mayer’s first project and foray back into the public eye since resigning as Yahoo’s CEO following the closing of the $4.48 billion sale of the firm to Verizon in 2017 is Sunshine.

What is the name of Marissa Mayer’s husband?

Zachary Bogue

What is total networth of Marissa Meyers?

$600 Million

Melinda GatesCO Chairman (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

Third on our list is Melinda Gates, the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates first rose to prominence when she married businessman Bill Gates in 1994. In the years following the marriage, Gates remained in the tech industry, ultimately becoming a board member at Microsoft in 2000. Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world

Gates ultimately decided to focus on philanthropy when she became a mother, founding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. Gates has been praised for her ability to promote women’s health and equal rights around the globe, as well as for her ability to find common ground between various groups. Gates has been praised for her diplomatic approach to philanthropy, as well as for her consistent efforts to promote the rights of women.

Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world
Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world


What did Melinda Gates do prior to getting hitched to Bill?

She completed her secondary school education at the Catholic girls’ school Ursuline Academy before enrolling at Duke University to study computer technology and economics (B.S., 1986; M.B.A., 1987). She started working at Microsoft in 1987 as a product developer and eventually advanced to general manager of information products. The couple wed on January 1st, 1994.

What currently does Melinda Gates?

She focuses on advancing social development for women and families through her investment and incubation company, Pivotal Ventures, in addition to her work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Melinda Gates: Is she a billionaire?

According to papers, Melinda became a billionaire on her own after Bill Gates transferred $2.4 billion worth of stock to her in May 2021.

When did Bill and Melinda Gates get divorced?

They stated in a statement that they “no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next era of our life” after announcing their separation in May 2021. They wanted to stay colleagues at their philanthropic foundation, though.

What is the net worth of Bill and Melinda Gates?

Gates is predicted to have a net worth of $133.8 billion as of March 2022, making him the fourth richest person in the world.

There was no prenup [and] Bill’s net worth is expected to be more than $130 billion, thus the divorce settlement might leave Melinda with more than $65 billion, according to a TMZ article from August 2021 on the specifics of the Gates split.

ShakiraColombian singer & Philanthropist (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

This brings us to Shakira, a Colombian singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. Shakira first rose to prominence in the 1990’s as a member of the Latin pop group, “Out of the Blue”. In the following years, Shakira continued to tour and release albums, becoming a crossover Latin pop star. In recent years, Shakira has turned her focus to philanthropy, becoming involved with the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Shakira has become a spokesperson for UNICEF and has used her music to promote the cause of education, especially for children in developing countries. While Shakira isn’t a traditional business leader, she has proven that she has what it takes to be a great leader.

Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world
Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world


What religion practises Shakira?

Her religion is Catholic. She went to Catholic schools and was raised a Catholic.

How did Shakira become well-known?

Shakira began belly dancing as a young girl, and by the age of 10, she had started producing songs and competing in talent shows. Pies descalzos, her 1995 debut album, was largely popular, and in 2000 she received her first Grammy for best Latin music album (MTV Unplugged).

What number of Grammys does Shakira hold?

She holds 3 Grammys award. Over 80 million records have been sold globally by Shakira. She is one of the most decorated Latin artists of all time with 357 wins from 817 nominations, including 3 Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammy Awards.

Sheryl SandbergFacebook COO (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

The COO of Facebook, the biggest social media network in the world, is Sheryl Sandberg. However, Sheryl Sandberg worked at Google as the company’s Vice-President of Global Online Sales and Promotions before she was named COO of Facebook in 2008. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead is one of her other best-selling works.

Sheryl Sandberg nearly single-handedly turned around Facebook when she joined the firm as COO. Prior to her, Facebook had tragically lost $56 million. However, under Sandberg’s direction, the social media giant improved and generated $22.1 billion in earnings in just one year.

Sheryl Sandberg- Facebook COO (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)
Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world


What is the exact path of Sheryl Sandberg’s to Facebook’s COO?

Despite not conducting a formal search for a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Zuckerberg considered Sandberg to be “a wonderful fit” for the position. Facebook announced Sandberg’s employment for the COO position and departure from Google in March 2008.

Sandberg is leaving Meta, why?

Tom and I are getting married this summer; our focus is on parenting our larger family of five children, Sandberg wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Mark and I will transition my direct reporting over the coming months, and I’ll be leaving the firm this fall.

Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world

Conclusion (Top 5 Empowering Women Leaders in the world)

This article has provided information on some of the most influential women in the world. From business leaders to philanthropists, each of these women has shown that they are capable of making an impact wherever they go. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and gained some insight into these inspiring women.

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